Benefits of Video Marketing

Video marketing has gained a lot of popularity as compared to text-based marketing. Social media has further aided video marketing as they can be uploaded to YouTube, Facebook and shared on Instagram as well as Twitter. With the huge internet audience, this is the perfect marketing strategy for businesses that guarantees a huge overflow of traffic to sites leading to an immense increase in ROI. Some of the benefits of engaging in video marketing include

It offers SEO benefits

SEO is responsible for site rankings in Search results. Videos can help you business get top rankings by Google especially when using YouTube. Top rankings are essential as this directs a lot of traffic to your site.

It is more engaging than text

The internet provides a lot of text-based information to the users. This information overload is tiring and can be easily forgotten. Video are easy to remember, fun to watch and provide a lot of information in a rather short form. This is user-friendly hence more effective.

It is cost effective

Technological advancements have made video marketing to be cheap. This is so because you can easily use your Smartphone to make a video. They also have a viral potential in which users can share on many social media sites than any other form content.


Tutorials make viewers acknowledge you as an expert in your field of work. This entices them to want to learn more about your products and services eventually leading to high conversion rates.

Call to action

With the many viewers checking out your great videos, video marketing enables you to let users know where to find you for more information. This can be done by alerting them to your site, Facebook page, or physical location.

Facebook has registered a staggering growth in video viewership. This highlights the potential of video marketing being a great advertising tool. It also allows users to view videos as they browse the news feed.

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How To Improve SEO Rankings & Targeted Traffic With Social Media


Without a doubt, the content on your site (or any other place you publish) is necessary and important for becoming visible and directing traffic to your landing page. While it would presumptuous to say that methodical SEO marketing is outdated, it is accurate to note that it alone, is not enough.

Small business, corporations and independent professionals who wish to be successful, understand the importance of developing an online personality and presence to represent their company or brand. Today, it is not sufficient to offer a product or service through only traditional means of marketing. If you do not find a way to become visible within the social media channels, it is likely your company will cease to exist.

The problem for many business owners usually falls in one of three categories.

Unfamiliar with the likes (no pun intended) of social media and consider it a generational gap in which they have missed the cutoff

Cannot afford nor see the value in outsourcing or hiring for social media/community management
Have a hard time melding their professional persona into networks that were designed for other (social) purposes
Fortunately, there is a solution (or rather, several). The first step is to accept the necessity of maintaining multiple channels of communication. Anyone can make use of these sites, so it is vital to remember that the tricks of each portal can be learned. Depending on what you offer, different networks will service you in different ways.

How Social Networks Differ

Facebook announces products, events, and is a showcase of your following community. Twitter maintains a repertoire and information can be pumped through the web with insurmountable speed. Pinterest showcases the personal aspects of your company, displaying priorities and a company ethos through the images and sites linked to your page. Instagram also promotes a higher understanding through visuals, paired with a potentially massive (and active) following.

But these are only just a few. The idea behind large platforms is that you have access to an expansive community. The question, though, is how do you make sense of the onslaught of information presented to you – organize it (and your own content) in a way that creates a space where you are actually heard? It is possible, though not easily mastered. Following those with whom are related to your business is a start. Offering consistent (and still surprising material) is also helpful. Finding a singular message that is targeted to your active audience is key. Now, let’s think outside the box.

Our world that is booming with online activity, thus there is a need for us to focus on what we gain from our own efforts. Specialized social platforms, especially those that are content based, are an excellent resource for gathering, organizing, and creating relevant material. While you may have a smaller number of followers than the Jersey Shore cast totes on Twitter, the specialized social platforms successfully bring you together with people who relate to your professional needs. There, you are spreading your business message while maintaining a network of people you can actually utilize. Your presence is in no way stunted; instead, you are connected to people who have a vested interest in also spreading your information through their professional (and personal) channels.

An example of a site that succeeds in this method of professional communication is exploreB2B. The social platform for businesses allows users to write articles on their company, industry news and ideas for collaboration. Through the written content, business professionals reach an audience that can relate to their material, encouraging the users to spread the information through their own, relevant channels (Facebook, Twitter, etc.). The advantage of the communication aspect of the site is that the content is not lost within a sea of posts and tweets, it is refined and made influential through relevant professionals working together with vested interests.

The Moral?

Don’t shy away from social media marketing and connection, and in the effort to do so – expand beyond the “popular” horizons to maximize visibility to a relevant audience while improving SEO with links from social media.