Benefits of Video Marketing

Video marketing has gained a lot of popularity as compared to text-based marketing. Social media has further aided video marketing as they can be uploaded to YouTube, Facebook and shared on Instagram as well as Twitter. With the huge internet audience, this is the perfect marketing strategy for businesses that guarantees a huge overflow of traffic to sites leading to an immense increase in ROI. Some of the benefits of engaging in video marketing include

It offers SEO benefits

SEO is responsible for site rankings in Search results. Videos can help you business get top rankings by Google especially when using YouTube. Top rankings are essential as this directs a lot of traffic to your site.

It is more engaging than text

The internet provides a lot of text-based information to the users. This information overload is tiring and can be easily forgotten. Video are easy to remember, fun to watch and provide a lot of information in a rather short form. This is user-friendly hence more effective.

It is cost effective

Technological advancements have made video marketing to be cheap. This is so because you can easily use your Smartphone to make a video. They also have a viral potential in which users can share on many social media sites than any other form content.


Tutorials make viewers acknowledge you as an expert in your field of work. This entices them to want to learn more about your products and services eventually leading to high conversion rates.

Call to action

With the many viewers checking out your great videos, video marketing enables you to let users know where to find you for more information. This can be done by alerting them to your site, Facebook page, or physical location.

Facebook has registered a staggering growth in video viewership. This highlights the potential of video marketing being a great advertising tool. It also allows users to view videos as they browse the news feed.

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